Ben Payne (benpayne) wrote,
Ben Payne

Honourable Datlows

Congratulations to all those who scored honourable mentions in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Horror.

It's an impressive list containing most (though of course not all) of my favourite local writers!

Ball, Peter M. “Horn,” Chapbook.

Battersby, Lee “Rabbit, Run,” Dark Recesses November.

Biancotti, Deborah “Diamond Shell,” A Book of Endings.
Biancotti, Deborah “Hush,” A Book of Endings.

Carson, Brendan “Yellow Mary’s Lamp,” Aurealis 42.

Congreve, Bill “Time and Tapestry,” Borderlands 11.

Davidson, Rjurik “The Winding Down of the World,” Edison’s Frankenstein. PS 20/21.

Dowker, Felicity “The Bearded One,” Festive Fear.

Dowling, Terry “Two Steps Along the River,” Exotic Gothic 3.

Fischer, Jason “A Rose for Becca,” Borderlands 11.
Fischer, Jason “for want of a jesusman,” Aurealis 42.
Fischer, Jason “The Patchwork Palace,” Masques.

Green, Christopher “Having Faith,” Nossa Morte February.

Haines, Paul “Slice of Life,” Slice of Life.
Haines, Paul “Wives,” (novella) X6.

Kalin, Deborah “The Wagers of Salt,” This is the Summer of Love.

Lanagan Margo “Ferryman,” Firebirds Soaring.
Lanagan, Margo “Sea-Hearts,” (novella) X6.

Maloney, Geoffrey “Through a Lens Darkly,” Aurealis 42.

McHugh, Ian “Angel Dust,” Clockwork Phoenix 2.

Roberts, Tansy Rayner “Siren Beat,” (novella) chapbook.

Siemienowicz, Miranda “Aleph Mem Tav,” Aurealis 41.
Siemienowicz, Miranda “Penthouse,” Overland 195.

Slatter, Angela “Sister, Sister,” Strange Tales III.

Sparks, Cat “Seventeen,” Masques.

Strasser, Dirk “Stories of the Sand,” Realms of Fantasy December.

Tambour, Anna “Sincerely, Petrified,” Lovecraft Unbound.
Tambour, Anna “The Arms of Love and Death,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Mag.42.

Young, Marty “Black Peter,” Festive Fear.


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