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This weekend's adventure was a road trip for grandma's birthday.

Jen and I were picked up by Jen's mum, Lorraine, and we all drove to Ipswich to meet my mum and her mum.

Then we all drove out to Kalbar, a country town outside Ipswich, for lunch. I had a pumpkin salad, which was delicious. And we enjoyed checking out the small town of Kalbar, with its craft stores and cute old buildings.

IMG 0454

Lunch crew

IMG 0459

Grandma opening her presents

IMG 0461

And posing for the camera

IMG 0465

Jen and her mum

IMG 0473

Kalbar civic centre

IMG 0476

This shop sells "computers and websites"!

IMG 0478

Church. I love the little hanging cross out the front….

IMG 0482

Fire station.

It was a nice trip and well worth checking out if you are in the area….



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